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How You Can CONFIDENTLY Experience The Best Permanent Coating For Your Cars Within A Few Hours And Boost Your Car Value

Even when your car has been scratched by a myopic driver, stained, and affected by contaminants. No coating comes close as this maximizes the value of your car.

Ceramic Coatings are the next generation in paint protection. They are far superior in every way to traditional waxes and sealants. They are an investment into your car. They will save you time and money in the long run of maintaining the appearance of your car.

For example, instead of paying every 6 months to wax your car, you would pay one time to apply the ceramic coating and never have to worry about waxing your car again!

Techsmat offers a MAGICAL CERAMIC COATING with a proven potential of a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When applied, this technology will transform itself on the surface of your car to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield; protecting your car from contaminations.

This solution is described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.


Magical Ceramic Coating once cured, is measured to have hardness above 9H. The popular (normal) clear cloat in the market today has hardness betwwen 2H and 4H, You don’t want to invest in a product that is less efficient.

Techsmat Magical Ceramic Coating is manufactured with high hardness on the coated surface. This makes it the reliable coating you can use to boost the value of your car TODAY. This solution shield your glass and prevents it from minor scratches and act as a sacrificial layer. Bear mind that this preserves the ORIGINAL FACTORY PAINT.

Any surface scratches that happen in the coating are easily removed with light polishing which will not weaken the integrity of the original clear coat. With Magical Ceramic Coating, your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the glass coating.


Think of Magical Ceramic Coating as an additional clear coat layer, only a lot harder. All of this allows for more peace of mind and a fuller enjoyment of your vehicle, even in harsh environments. It makes washing your CAR a labor of love instead of a chore. Though not needed, wax can still be applied to the surface once the coating is applied and has cured. TECHSMAT OFFERS YOU A PERMANENT SOLUTION

 Are you tired sick of taking your car for a body paint work every other month?

 Having read till this level, it’s evident that you can protect your car from all forms of external contamination and stains.

Get the Awesome Magical Ceramic CAR COATING for your Car today!!!

Your attitude and pride for your car boosts radically especially when your ride is your passion.

Keeping it spic and span is tough when many factors like environmental fallouts, chemicals, sunlight, water, dirt, and grime are bound to dim the sheen.

But not anymore!!!

Get the Awesome Magical Ceramic CAR COATING for your Car today!!!

 ORIGINAL PRICE IS 26,999 Naira. GET IT NOW at (13,000 Naira) and experience:

  • Anti-Scratch
  • Colorless, mild and eco-friendly
  • Anti-Icing & Snow
  • Anti-Mud + Water Repellent

Kiss goodbye to scratches and stains with the Magical Ceramic Car coating.

P.S: We have limited stock so hurry and get yours now!!

Clients Testimonials

"I scraped my previous car's body and mirror on my gate as I was backing out of the driveway. After fixing it, I got TechSmat Ceramic Coating at a reasonable price and their product has been doing an excellent job. Friendly local guys." - Akinwumi George

"This Ceramic Coating is the best on top of everything detail and imperfections two thumbs up, thanks." - Rose Odika

This Amazing Product Also Provides The Following Benefits:

  • Adds Extremely Durable Clear Coating to Paint
  • Low Maintenance – Never have to wax your car again
  • Hydrophobic Coating – Sheds dirt with a simple rinse
  • Harder Than Typical Clear Coat – Increased scratch resistance
  • Chemically Resistant – Cannot be removed by harsh car wash soaps
  • Acid Resistant – Such as acidic bird droppings
  • Increased UV Protection
  • Increased Depth of Gloss – Will not oxidize
  • Approximately 100 times thicker than any wax or sealant

So, Do You Want This Amazing Product? Yes, TechSmat. I Want The Magical Ceramic Coating.


ORIGINAL PRICE IS 26,999 Naira. GET IT NOW at (13,000 Naira)

(+ Free Shipping to Anywhere in Nigeria)


We will call you to confirm your order before shipping

Got questions? Call/WhatsApp on: 08099552781

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Result Is 100% Guaranteed!

This product is 100% result-oriented just as every other product @techsmat brings to you, as a company we introduce you to only the best automotive products that we are proud to use ourselves.

We know you’ll love our Magical Ceramic Car Coating.

But if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact us for refund, no questions asked & no need to return the product.

Our product works and we stand by it, you’ll never see any other automotive appearance product in Nigeria that rivals ours.

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